dirty-haskell.org: dirty-haskell.org´s git-based publication system

It's not crazy — it's having fun with types.

Initially I set up dirty-haskell.org (which is currently powered by hakyll) to rsync the results of compiling up onto my server whenever I intone dirty-haskell deploy.

In my ever continuing quest to have my life consist mostly of an array of git repositories however this didn’t seem satisfactory. Therefore I configured my gitolite instance to automatically compile und publish the current git version whenever I push to master.

Gitolite provides us with facilities to install githooks. Publishing will be handled by post-update:

#!/usr/bin/env zsh


for ref ($@); do
    [[ ${ref} =~ .*/master$ ]] || continue


$touchedMaster || exit 0

    checkoutDir=/srv/git/checkouts/$(basename $(pwd))

    print ${checkoutDir}

    mkdir -p $(dirname ${checkoutDir})

    unset GIT_DIR

    if [[ -d ${checkoutDir} ]]; then
        git -C ${checkoutDir} fetch origin
        rm -rf ${checkoutDir}
        git clone --depth 1 file://$(pwd) ${checkoutDir}

    git -C ${checkoutDir} checkout -f origin/master

        umask 0022
        cd ${checkoutDir}

        delScript() {
            rm -v ${script}
        trap delScript EXIT
        chmod +x ${script}

        >${script} <<EOF
#! /usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i sh ${checkoutDir}/shell.nix

dirty-haskell build && dirty-haskell deploy
} 2>&1 | stdbuf -o 0 tr '\r' '\n' | logger --id=$$ -p daemon.info -t dirty-haskell

The script checks if the master branch was moved to a new commit or otherwise touched and, if so, clones a copy of the repo to a temporary directory and runs hakyll´s deploy command in it, which is set to rsync the compiled version to a folder where it´ll be picked up by nginx.


It works.